Sales & Promotions

Promotions Discount Codes

All Promotion and Discount codes are added inside the shopping cart before the checkout.

You can find the Code Box on the left hand side of your shopping cart page as highlighted below:


Please note that only one promotion or discount code can be added into the cart unless if the items are on sale which will automatically deduct on your shopping cart before you proceed to checkout.

Is my purchase eligible for a discount?

Only orders placed after the promotion campaign starts are eligible for discount.

If you placed an order with us before the Promotion period (Even 30 minutes before), we are sorry to inform you that your order is not eligible for a Discount.

I forgot to put my Promotion Code

If your order was placed within the promotion period and you forgot to input your promotion code please contact our Customer Support team who will check and apply a refund for the discount amount. 

Can I use more than a Discount Code?

Only one code can be used per order at this time.

*If your Promo Code is not working, please try clearing your browser cache or try using a different web browser.